I have been designing and creating clothes and costumes my whole life. I remember using scraps of fabric from mom to copy fashions for my dolls that I saw on TV. I always had an interest in vintage textiles and clothing. When I was 12, I dragged a huge trunk home from an estate sale up the street from our house in Bainbridge, New York. I had paid 50 cents, and it contained a treasure of old Victorian shoes and torn up dresses and petticoats. I was enthralled by the workmanship and beauty of the contents of that trunk. During teenage years in Florida, I went to flea markets and church rummage sales with my mom and sisters and began collecting vintage clothes, which I wore, to my parents embarrassment.

After college in San Diego I realized history and research might not be the career for me and I began buying and selling vintage clothes, making clothing out of vintage fabrics of all kinds, and getting involved with local theater costuming and later, dance costuming. In this field and all surrounding territories, I have happily resided ever since. I have traveled the US, and the world collecting fabrics and have focused on American vintage textiles as unique and wonderful above all to work with. I currently reside in Vista, CA with my long time partner Michael and two cats.