Heirloom Pieces

One of my favorite things to do is create a piece with your family heirloom linens. People often have textiles and linens passed down from the family that they don't know what to do with. Most of these things don't fit into today's busy lifestyles. So they sit in a box or dark closet and don't get appreciated.

I can take your family heirlooms and create one of my designs especially for you or as a gift for children or other family members. I recently made shirts for 3 sisters who wanted to use vintage linens from their mother in a unique way. They were thrilled with the results. Pictured is a gingham shirt with the well known cherries tablecloth featured on the front, This was made from a family heirloom tablecloth that came from Kansas. I can duplicate any style you see here with your fabrics. Or if you have ideas, lets talk about it.

The Best Way To Order

Please email me at: [email protected], or call Kathryn at: 760-643-1127 to discuss an heirloom piece for you.

Tailored shirt from vintage tablecloth.Tailored shirt from vintage tablecloth.